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Breaking Commitments Drains Your Personal Power!

Most people have no idea how much breaking commitments weakens a relationship with oneself and others.
The Accountability Manager is your tool for managing personal and team accountability.
With it you empower yourself and your relationships with others to the fullest.
With this tool you gain the ability to ensure that commitments made are always fulfilled.

We invite you to explore how you can boost your personal power with this tool.
Our promise is that whenever you walk into a room of people they will sit up straighter!


Accountability Manager

Install an accountability system that will ensure commitments made are commitments kept.  


The Accountability Manager i designed to give you power to manage your accountability and that or others. With this tool you can keep track of the invitations you make to other and the commitments they make to you. You will also be able to manage the invitations made of you and the commitments to others made by you. Apart from designing a future in very specific terms with the Strategic Game Designer and then tracking the actions taken with the Deal Process Tracker, there is a essential dimension of accountability that also needs to be managed effectively and consistently. Making sure commitments made by you become commitments kept by you is essential to success. In addition managing others making commitments to you and keeping them is equally essential to success.  One dimension of making sure things get done is determining who is responsible for executing certain tasks in a project or functions in a process. But responsibility for getting things done is only one dimension. The  rubber meets the road when you become accountable for getting things getting done even when you are not the person directly responsible for doing them. Accountability means you are personally on the line for the results whomever does the task.

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